Our Story

Organic Stevia is founded by GUJ INDO LIFECARE PVT. LTD in the year 2014; the founders of GUJINDO LIFECARE decided to step into the world of FMCG Pharma with an aim to provide people an organic substitute for sugar. The idea behind the founding of Organic Stevia was inspired by the fallacious practices by the market of sugar substitute products. After constant research and development, most of the stevia plants were found in the Brazilian field.
After processing the Stevia plant using the extraction process of Stevioside, Organic Stevia offers Brazil’s organic Stevia plant as transformed into sweeteners.
With the uncompromised quality of manufacturing and refining units, GUJ INDO LIFECARE and ORGANIC STEVIA have been consistent in controlling production post the import of stevia raw materials and also their intended use as required by the product specification.

Our Mission:

Organic Stevia aims to promote organic and healthier lifestyle all across South Gujarat and nearby cities in upcoming years by offering the audience the most organic stevia extraction to substitute sugar in their everyday use.

Our Vision:

Organic Stevia’s vision is to make people possible, aware and switch to the most organic and healthy replacement of sugar; stevia. Reaching the larger audience with every passing year and leading them to organic living, is the ultimate goal.

Our Philosophy:

We at Organic Stevia believe in organic and healthy living and strives towards promoting the same to society that too without compromising on taste. Organic Stevia is all about offering products ...that add sweetness to everything it’s added to by maintaining the health of people. A switch from sugary living to organic living is what Organic Stevia is aiming to.

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